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About Habsburg wine

Habsburg- Quality wine with provenance

Enjoy quality wine to the fullest from the vineyards near the former summer residence of the Habsburg monarchy. Visitors to the Habsburg Winery can not only taste the delicious wine but also have the possibility to invest. The founders Juraj Smaženka and Josef Ronge decided to locate the winery in the town of Holíč in Slovakia. The vineyards are located in the nearby town of Skalica. The Habsburg winery boasts not only a great location in the most sought-after wine region of Záhorie, but also a historical connection with the esteemed Habsburg family. During the reign of Empress Maria Theresa, her husband František Štefan Lotrinský had the local Holíč Chateau rebuilt into a magnificent summer residence which the family used until 1918. Habsburg wine thus is a reflection of the golden age of this dynasty that values tradition and quality. . 

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We are passionate about our work 

We have learned to recognise the nature of each variety and quality has become our primary value. We have carefully selected all Habsburg wines and prepared them to honour the legacy of its glorious history with the possibility of an investment that you just can't find in Slovakia. Our aim is to produce high-quality grapes for the production of Habsburg wine. Our wines have won several awards, for example at the largest wine exhibition AWC Vienna. In short, all good things must mature.

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Wine offer

Weisser Riesling

An intense complex aroma is presented in tones of ripe apricots. In the backround is a breath of linden flower with a honey undertone. The high acidity prolongs the presence of the wine to the lime-oxalic aftertaste.

Blaufränkisch Rosé

An imposing aroma of strawberries with a touch of summer fruit. This is a harmonious rosé accompanied by a lively and fresh taste.

Zweigeltrebe Rosé

The smell of freshly picked raspberries, a fuller body with lively expressions of cherries and stone fruit. Spicy mineral flavour of black currants. Medium longer persistence on the palate.

Gewürztraminer, late harvest

The intense scent of roses in infused with tones of cinnamon and orange peel. The full body is built on the harmony of a softly sweet taste with an intense bouquet and pleasant bitterness caused by higher alcohol. The taste sensation is emphasised by lively spicy finish.

Pinot Gris, late harvest

A wine of golden colour. It has a pure, fruity aroma with hints of pear compote. The full body is built on the harmony of fresh acidity and a pleasant spiciness. The taste is soft, with honey tones and lingers long on the palate.

Sauvignon Blanc, late harvest

An intense aroma of gooseberries and peaches. The taste is expressive with distinctive mineral texture and slight hint of fruit. The fullness of this wine is enhanced by a medium-long warm palate.

Chardonnay, late harvest

A wine with an intense aroma of ripe stone fruit, a full taste with hints of butter pears enhanced by fruit acid.

Grüner Veltliner, late harvest

This wine is fresh, has very good fullness of taste and a spicy acidity. The flavour is less complicated, slightly spicy with juicy firm texture. The aftertaste is fresh due to higher acidity, expressed by the white pepper notes. It is a wine of bright yellow-green colour.


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